Art Update

Here is my Deviantart where I have been most active, and here is my main portfolio site.

The Fort Monroe Casemate Museum had an art contest to paint the view from Jefferson Davis's cell, this is my entry, (which won!). It's done in oil on canvas and it covers the window so that the sunlight won't damage the American flag on the other side of the room.

Here is one of my first paintings from 2015. It's of Berlyne Alvarado from my webcomic. This was painted digitally.

This is probably my favorite painting from 2014 of a newer character, Ruya.

Joshua Shephard, another character from my webcomic. I did a lot of detail on the embroidery and was trying to go for Baroque lighting.

These are some digital paintings using textured brushes and a looser technique. 

And here are a few traditional works from 2012-2013 that I don't think I've ever posted here. These were painted with watercolor and ink washes.