Nathan Hale & Others of the 1700's

I'm so happy! :D This is someone you've probably heard of, but this particular version is a character from The Dreamer. Mentioned in the previous post . Go fan art!
And these lovely peoples are one of me and Alyssa's friend's characters.


olde.fashioned said...

I recognize that last one! :-D Whoo hoo!!!!

Did you draw that Nathan on top, the first one? Or did you copy-and-paste one of Lora Innes' and then manipulate it? Because I thought it was something she drew at first, but now I think you did it. It's amaaaaaazing. You could be a comic book illustrator yourself, methinks!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

I really like this one!

Anonymous mom

Lostie's Art said...

Yes I did draw it. :) I was like, *sketch* *sketch* '-Woah, that's good...'

"You could be a comic book illustrator yourself, methinks!!"

YAY!! :D That makes me so happy that you say so!

olde.fashioned said...

Oh I love it when that happens! Sometimes, it seems the harder one tries, the worse the product comes out. 8-/

:-D Really, I tried the whole comic book style thing years ago, and I couldn't get it at all. IMO it's harder than realistic drawing. ;-) And men are a lot harder than women!!